On February 10, 2015, during a ceremonial session of the Gdynia City Council, Vistal Gdynia S.A. received a distinction from the Chairman of the City Council for the best Gdynia Investment of the Year “Czas Gdyni” for the production building at the Indian Quay. The award is given every year to Gdynia investors, natural or legal persons who have contributed most to the development of the city in the previous year. Its purpose is to promote the achievements of Gdynia’s companies. The chapter of the award is guided by the following criteria: the amount of capital invested, the enrichment of the commune’s assets, the number of jobs created, the impact on the promotion of the city, the architectural values of the building and the impact on the surrounding area, the improvement of living conditions for residents, the impact on the development of tourism, pro-ecological investments and the impact on the economic transformation of the city. Let us remind that in June 2014 the Vistal Offshore hall received the 2nd degree award in the PZiTB Competition.

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