VISTAL GROUP offers customers comprehensive solutions for structures made of special materials including stainless steels (acid resistant, duplex, superduplex, austenite or superaustenite) and others including titanium and aluminium alloys. Our highly qualified technical staff, fitters and welders are prepared to work with materials requiring the highest quality standards. We manufacture structures of all types of technological tanks (storage, process, technological, silos), filters, pipelines, air and flue gas ducts or special structures according to individual customer needs (measuring buoys, deviators, specialist mobile platforms). We have many years of experience in the production, assembly and commissioning of equipment for sewage treatment plants (sludge scrapers, thickeners, gate valves, mechanical screens, rotors, settling tank equipment, gate valves, regulated overflows) and water treatment plants. We manufacture for the food industry, petrochemical industry, for ships and offshore constructions, which place the highest demands on the quality and reliability of the constructions operated in extreme conditions. Our highly qualified engineers can advise on solutions and introduce and develop new welding technologies for materials according to client needs.