We are a leading manufacturer of steel structures, actively operating in the European market since 1991. With 30 years of experience in the implementation of steel structures for construction, energy, shipbuilding and offshore industries, we carry out comprehensive work in a wide range of areas – from design documentation through prefabrication, anti-corrosion, transport and assembly at the destination. We operate in Poland and abroad. We have a functional production base equipped with specialised equipment. We work according to the requirements of European standards and specialised industry standards. Our biggest asset is human capital – a team of experienced professionals is a guarantee of professional execution of each project entrusted to us. The greatest satisfaction gives us the satisfaction of our clients and partners, which is proven by further orders and invitations to implement infrastructure projects.


We have a very favourable location in the north of Poland. The main production facilities and two quays – Indian and Hungarian – are located in Gdynia, which gives us direct access to the sea. This enables us to assemble large structures on site and deliver them by sea to construction sites all over the world, as well as by river to chosen places in Poland.