VISTAL GDYNIA Capital Group offers a comprehensive execution of steel bridge structures, i.e.: manufacture of structures, anti-corrosive works in the factory and on construction sites, assembly on construction sites. Our achievements include nearly 300 completed bridge structures.

VISTAL GROUP manufactures both small steel structures, such as several-tonne technological footbridges, pedestrian bridges, but also large-size structures, such as the bridge over the Vistula River in Puławy, weighing 11,000 tonnes, 1038.2 m long and 22.3 m wide. We specialise in arch bridges. The bridge in Puławy constructed by us in 2008 is currently the largest arch bridge in Poland – the span of the arch structure is as long as 208 m. We also assembled a record-breaking span (375 m!) of the Solidarity Bridge in Płock. We also build drawbridges, in the “design and build” convention as well our projects are executed in a comprehensive manner – from the design stage, through delivery to the construction site, assembling and anti-corrosion works. We use various methods of assembly – from traditional, direct from land or water transport, to longitudinal and transverse sliding. A special variation is the assembly from barges, on which the structure is transported from our factory by water to the construction site and there, with the help of hydraulic pumps, lifted onto supports. We will carry out any assembly task, in all conditions and on any terrain. We have the current Certificate of Qualification No. 49/M/10 issued by the IBDiM in Warsaw in the scope of constructing railway, road, railway-road bridges and footbridges with unlimited spans, in (statically) unsupported, continuous, frame, arch and suspended systems, with trussed or full-wall girder structures, made of standard and higher quality steel as well as special steel of standard sheet thicknesses.