The steel structures included in this project weigh a total of 2,000 tonnes and will be part of a huge infrastructure investment by the City of Gothenburg to improve pedestrian, road and rail traffic capacity. The project will include new footbridges, bridges, roads and a tunnel under the Göta Älv canal. Vistal’s participation in this investment consists in the delivery of 3 railway bridges, about 1 kilometre of pedestrian and bicycle bridges as well as assembly and anti-corrosive works on the construction site. Each of the objects is a unique construction.
One of the railway bridges will be delivered to Sweden in 4 large elements (each element weighs 90 tonnes), another railway bridge is a huge spatial truss structure with a height and width of 10 metres, which will be delivered by sea already this autumn.
The most interesting object of the whole project is the third railway bridge – the rotary bridge. It will be an all-in-one structure weighing a total of 350 tonnes and 72 metres long. Before delivery (by sea), Vistal will carry out specialised tests at the quay in Gdynia to verify the proper operation of the hydraulic system. During the tests, on a support structure and using a 60-tonne mechanism, Vistal will perform a 90⁰ rotation of the bridge. The bridge will carry rail traffic across the Göta Älv Canal.
Supervision of the entire project is carried out by a new company in the Vistal group – Vistål AB, based in Gothenburg