Vistal Gdynia S.A. delivers another steel construction to Scandinavia. On Friday, July 31st, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge was loaded on a barge and transported to Denmark. It is a prestigious investment in the historic centre of Copenhagen. The footbridge will be delivered in two sections, each 53 metres long and 7.8 metres wide. The sections are equipped with stainless steel balustrades bent in three planes. The structure is characterised by a unique design and high quality requirements and its manufacture was entrusted to a company with extensive experience in the manufacture of complex steel structures. The surface of the footbridge is white and velvety smooth and the balustrades have undergone a special treatment with glass balls. The balustrades have also been given a unique smoothness as a result.
The footbridge will be installed over the Inderhavnen Canal and will link two parts of Copenhagen: the famous Nyhavn, the historic harbour, and Nordatlantens Brygge, the North Atlantic cultural centre. The way in which the footbridge will open for shipping will be specific. The structure will slide open and passers-by will be able to admire this operation from special platforms on the footbridge. The bridge will be distinguished above all by its slender forms, its smooth surface and its fittings, which will provide passers-by with a spectacular light show. The footbridge will enhance the aesthetic value of the tourist part of Copenhagen and become a unique showpiece of Vistal Gdynia in this city.

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