At the end of February 2015, VISTAL completed the scheduled production of the bridge steel structure, which it will deliver to the Faroe Islands in Torshavn. The project was carried out since September last year on behalf of a general contractor from the Faroe Islands. The bridge will be delivered in 13 sections on a ship, then the general contractor will transport it to its final destination about a dozen kilometres from the port of Torshavn and begin assembly. The box structure of the bridge weighs a total of 500 tonnes and each section is 9 metres wide. The total length of the bridge is 140 metres. In addition to the bridge sections VISTAL has also produced a very interesting balustrade structure for the pedestrian section. The whole construction was made at the Hungarian Quay. The construction was loaded onto the ship with the help of a floating crane at Hungarian Quay, where a trial assembly of the bridge took place. The design of the bridge is very interesting, eye-catching thanks to its snowy-white surface. Once assembled and seated on the original concrete supports, the structure will also be covered with a concrete slab and opened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. VISTAL is already very well established in Scandinavia, constantly supplying steel constructions to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The structure produced by Vistal will be the largest steel structure for a bridge in the Faroe Islands.